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About Our Games
Fabling Game Studios (FGS) is currently in production on three separate titles all targeted for mobile devices with our initial releases hitting the iPhone first. Android and Windows Phone 7 will follow depending on each games success on the iPhone platform.

Many of the approaches we have planned for our game titles have not been seen before within the gaming industry and are being kept secret until we can deliver them to the our gamer community first. Some "hints" will be provided as the company grows and we release our initial titles currently in production.

Pond Panic
Battle hordes of evil piranha as you try to get your ladybug to safety!

Code Name: Bacon
This is the premier game Fabling Game Studios is developing and will be released in the first half of 2013.

Find out more about this game and other titles targeted for our adult audience.

Be sure to check out the games statistics available at the bottom of each game page.
Did You Know?
Fabling Game Studios is working on initial titles that are targeted for all audiences BUT it doesn't stop there!

FGS has a dark side with games designed for mature audiences 17+. Keep your eyes open for more exciting information about FGS-D, the DARK side of Fabling Game Studios.

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