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New announcements, inormation, and stuff that's just exciting.

NOV 5 2012 - Fabling Game Studios first game title was approved by Apple and made available for download on the App Store! This new game is named Pond Ponic and is designed for players of all ages. The initial release price for this title is $.99 USD.

Click here to go to the Pond Panic App Store page.

OCT 26 2012 - Fabling Game Studios released a completely redesigned website today which includes new information about the company, the games, and vision for the future. The new website is a proud step for the company as it can begin to expose customers to the first game title being released in early November! The site demonstrates the company's passion for the future within the gaming industry along with the quality behind the titles being produced. Take a look around the new site and see what the future of Fabling Game Studios will bring to you!

Start here to learn about their first game release named Pond Panic.

FEB 29 2012 - Today Fabling Game Studios (FGS) launched their initial website The site is still under development but is intended to help introduce gamers to this new and exciting game development company along with their unique approach toward gaming, gamers and employees. The company is based in Tucson, Arizona, founded by Christopher Patten and Marc Vunovic.

Click here to find out more about FGS.

FEB 29 2012 - Fabling Game Studios offically announced they are currently in production on two new game titles code named "Bacon" and "Brain Matters." The new game titles will both feature artwork using local talent from Colorado and will be released initially for the Apple iPhone and iPad..

NOV 11 2011 - A new type of gaming company was formed today named, Fabling Game Studios, LLC. This new company is based on to core beliefs that loyalty and respect be shown to both employees and the gamers who follow the titles produced. The company is still in the early stages of development and will be releasing much more information for what the future holds for Fabling, its employees, and future gamers.

Click here to find out more about FGS.

Do You Remember?
When games used to have fun easter eggs and hidden secrets that were almost as much fun to find and figure out what they did as it was to play the game? Well Fabling Game Studios does and believes that easter eggs need to make a huge comeback in the gaming industry.

So beginning with Pond Panic, all FGS titles will contain easter eggs and secret features. So go hunt and see what you can find!
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