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About The Crew
Below you will find a little information about the incredible people helping bring this exciting company to life!

CHRISTOPHER PATTEN - Founder, CEO, and Lead Code Monkey
Christopher Patten has served as the head of Fabling Game Studios since its inception in 2011 when he and Marc Vunovic founded the company. Christopher is responsible for the vision, strategic direction and execution of all areas of FGS. He has over 20 years experience within networking and software development including a key focus on network communications. Christopher’s technology leadership has led to multiple industry awards for his teams such as the InfoWorld 100 Award for driving innovative use of technology within healthcare and most recently the Microsoft Excellence In Innovation Award for his teams use of a broad range of Microsoft technologies to deliver measurable benefits.

Prior to founding Fabling Game Studios, Christopher led the technology infrastructure for the 2nd largest language services company in the U.S. as their Chief Technology Officer. He has also managed technical infrastructures for multiple contact centers for Convergys Corporation handling volume for clients such as Microsoft, Dell, SBC, and AT&T. In addition to handling IT operations for other companies such as Keane, Christopher worked on Microsoft campus as part of the Windows 2000 development team. Christopher has received numerous industry certifications including MCSE, CCNA, and MCT, along with internal Microsoft training endorsements received during years spent training student certification courses for CTECs (Certified Technical Education Centers).

MARC VUNOVIC - Co-founder and Code Monkey
Marc Vunovic helped found the company in 2011 when he was approached by Christopher Patten who wanted to build a different type of gaming company but required someone that deeply understood the video gaming industry. Marc held a strong passion and lifelong enthusiasm for video games which was ignited when he began competing on the professional gaming circuit in 2008. The experiences Marc gained during years on the circuit showed him a new side of the gaming world and drove him toward not just playing games but creating them.

Marc currently attends Missouri State University, where he is studying application development and design. His focus is on the core fundamentals of programming and cutting edge technologies. Marc is also currently being mentored by his partner, Christopher Patten, learning techniques for game development along with strategies toward embracing the game development industry.

MATTHEW REBEL - Lead Technical Artist and Draws Stuff
Matthew Rebel joined Fabling Game Studios as a contract artist in 2011 and quickly became the Lead Technical Artist for the company. His fresh approach and incredible skills quickly began to shape many of the new game characters which are helping to define the initial titles in production. Matthew’s gift for art began at the early age of four and since his skills have earned him multiple awards for youth art exhibits including Best of Show.

As a young professional, Matthew has already had many opportunities as an artist. He has performed design, animation, storyboarding, character illustration, environmental design, and graphic novel work for companies such as PennyPop, HMX Entertainment, ZVelo, and ARG Studios. Matthew’s talents are continuing to grow as he expands his artistic style embracing his Bachelors in Media Arts from the Art Institute where he graduated in 2010 with Par Excellence for his portfolio.

DERICK BERRY - Designer and Plays With Photoshop
Deick Berry is a visual perfectionist with a passion for print and website design. Derick has been working with Fabling Game Studios since the inception to help develop and shape the image of the company. His talents and ability to develop branding and visual embrace have been demonstrated through his work with the second largest language services company in the US, along within his freelance designs for many companies. These experiences coming after Derick's graduating from Northwest Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising.

J PATRICK OHLDE - Storylines and Ghost Hunter
J Patrick Ohlde is a professional author, screenwriter, humorist, and media analyst who has been working with Fabling Game Studios helping to develop game stories and background. In addition to four published books, Scare-izona: a Travel Guide to Arizona’s Spookiest Spots, Tucson’s Most Haunted, Finding Ghosts in Phoenix, and Paranormal Pandemic, Ohlde is the reviews editor for The Buzz Media where he reviews video games and movies. Ohlde has co-written two films, Copper Creek and LA Underground as well as co-hosting a weekly media podcast called the Gentlemen Radio. In addition to all that writing, Ohlde is also a professional illustrator, comic book artist, and actor. Occasionally, he sleeps.

BETA TESTERS AND QC - Special thanks to the following people who have helped with game testing and quality control feedback.
Alyssa Gertje, Angie Celaya, Kasey Watchendorf and Conner Gertje.
Did You Know?
Fabling Game Studios has a core value of Loyalty to Employees.

The company will treat all employees with respect and loyalty shaping corporate movement around our employee base rather than shaping our employees around the company.
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