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Our Core Values
We at Fabling Game Studios believe that a company should empower it's employees and the gaming community which it serves. This is why we have established 5 initial core values to follow and use while shaping the company. We are working hard to help drive change within the industry and bring forth a new kind of gaming company! Below are these 5 core values.

Loyalty To Employees
Treat all employees with respect and loyalty shaping corporate movement around our employee base rather than shaping our employees around the company.

Embrace Our Community Of Gamers
Show our community of loyal gamers appreciation and gratitude for their loyalty toward the company and game titles we produce.

Never Halter Imagination Or Creativity
Our games will only be limited by our minds as we will embrace whatever technology is required to bring those dreams to life.

Surpass Ourselves With Each Creation
Every new game title we produce will surpass its predecessors in quality, playability, and grandeur.

Stay True To Ourselves
Never compromise what is at the core of Fabling Game Studios.

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