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About Fabling Game Studios
Fabling Game Studios (FGS) is a newly established game development company based in Tucson, Arizona, founded by Christopher Patten and Marc Vunovic on 11-11-11. The company began as a fresh idea to build a gaming studio that has a foundation of loyalty for both employees and the gamers that follow the titles produced. Fabling believes that it is imperative to show both the company employees and the gamer community that they are important and valuable. So Christopher and Marc used this core belief along with multiple unique and creative gaming concepts to begin a company aimed toward delivering both high quality game titles and employment opportunities.

In addition to the core belief, Fabling Game Studios also is dedicated to creating a successful universal business model through a caring approach in the conduct of business. The company is focused on encouraging excellence through integrity and concern for others, while offering innovative new products that provide significant added value for the gaming community inside an environment which promotes enjoyment, personal growth, and opportunity.

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Founded: November 11, 2011
Head Quarters: Tucson, AZ

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